Britain and China

Britain and China is a new, intensive postgraduate course, designed especially for interpreters from the People’s Republic of China. It is designed to develop their professional skills by deepening their knowledge of British history, culture, and society over the last thousand years.

Why Britain and China?

Working as an interpreter in languages as diverse as English and Chinese requires considerable technical knowledge of both languages. To do so at an advanced level, however, requires something more. When an English speaker compares a moment of crisis to ‘the events at Runnymede’, suggests that a rising literary star might be ‘the next JK Rowling’, or describes a political speech as ‘Churchillian’, they assume a wealth of knowledge of British history and literature that is not specifically taught on many undergraduate language programmes.

The aim of the Britain and China course is to deepen the historical, cultural, and literary knowledge of Chinese-English interpreters, equipping them to respond to the deep subtleties of their clients’ language, and in so doing to foster friendship and good relations between our cultures in the future.

Britain and China is delivered in three concurrent modules over ten weeks. Students take all three modules. In addition, they attend weekly meetings with the course Senior Tutor, take supplementary EFL classes, and receive special guest lectures and workshops.

In 2019-20, Greene’s Institute’s research agenda focuses around the theme of Found in Translation. This includes a rolling programme of conferences and other special events connected to the value of translation. Postgraduate students on the Britain and China course will be invited to attend these events.