Found in Translation: Conference Programme

Lower Seminar Room Middle Seminar Room
08:45-09:00 Welcome
09:00-10:00 Translating Icelandic Sagas (Chair: Pink, S.)
9:00: McMahon, B. Speech-Wrangling: Shutting Up and Shutting Out the Oral Tradition in Some Icelandic Saga Manuscripts

9:20: Sverdlov, I. “What part of Eyjafjallajökull don’t you understand”: the adventures in translation of Icelandic compound (place-)names
Classics A (Chair: Bär, S.)

9:00: Prosperi, V. The Vernacular Iliads of the Italian Renaissance. The Reasons of a Collective Failure

9:20: Messenger, J. Translation and the Ethical Life
10:00-10:20 Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee
10:20-11:40 Translating Holy Women (Chair/Respondent: Denissen, D.)
10:20: Dresvina, J. Margery, misericords, and memes: multimedia medieval story-telling through words and images

10:40: Perk, G. Translate, and Ye Shall Find: Liturgical Translatio in Modern Devout Sister-Books

11:00: Vloerbergs, S. Lutgard-Is. Body to Body via a Queer Academic Transmission
Translating and Re-imagining (Chair: Ozbek, L.)
10:20: Bär, S. When Dada Translates Homer: Raoul Schrott’s German Iliad between Philology and Creative Rewriting

10:40: Walker-Meikle, K. Lions, bears, and badgers, oh my!: Translating animals from Arabic manāfi texts into Latin

11:00: Blud, V. English, Intelligent, and Gayer than a Treeful of Monkeys on Nitrous Oxide”: Good Omens' Queer Love Story
11:40-12:00 Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee
12:00-13:00 Keynote: Professor Henrike Lähnemann
Letting Go of the Letters: The Impact of Luther’s Bible Translation in Germany and Beyond
13:00-13:40 Lunch Lunch
13:40-15:00 Classics B (Translating Classical Drama) (Chair: McMahon, B.)
13:40: Ryan, C. Reading and translating Sophocles in sixteenth-century Europe

14:00: Ozbek, L. and Morosi, F. Sophocles for the Stage: Finding New Words for Ancient Drama

14:20: Förster, J. Translation despite stereotypes
Translation and Modernity (Chair: Sverdlov, I.)
13:40 Artamonova, M. Regaining Meanings: Victorian England Seen Twice through Russian Eyes

14:00 Iglesias Rogers, G. Translations in the Hispanic Anglosphere (late 18th-early 20th centuries)

14:20: de Brose, R. Translation as Tikkun Olam: a conceptual metaphor in Benjamin’s theory of translation
15:00-15:20 Tea/Coffee Tea/Coffee
15:20-16:40 Translation for the Digital Age (Chair: Iglesias Rogers, G.)
15:20: Dubuisson, B. From Text to Bits: Making the Printed Treaties of a Monk from the 16th Century Understandable to a Computer

15:40: Cole, N. Translating Texts for Digital Processing

16:00: Pink, S. The Digital Translation of Medieval Manuscripts and Emergence of the Super-Archive
16:40-17:00 Concluding Remarks
17:00-18:00 Wine Reception

By Daniel Gerrard
September 2019