Humanities Research and Publications

Each academic year, humanities faculty at Greeneā€™s Institute have a broad theme around which to organise research and publishing activity. That theme is carried through both primary research and conferences.

In 2019-20, our first year as a functioning research centre, our theme is Found in Translation. Scholars working in almost any field of the humanities are acutely, sometimes painfully, aware of the idea of translation loss, that is the tendency that when an idea is translated from one language to another, from one medium to another, or from one context to another, some part of the original meaning is lost. Scholars in the humanities are often concerned with the question of how much was understood by those who experienced, listened to, or read, a piece of work that had been translated, and how much of the original meaning or intent was lost along the way. In Found in Translation, we are taking a different angle, examining art, culture, and historical documentation from the perspective of what was gained in the process of translation, thinking about translation as a creative act that opened new meanings for new communities.

Simon Vouet, St. Jerome and the Angel, housed in the National Gallery of Art in Washington. Wikimedia Commons.