By Daniel Gerrard
August 2019

Greene’s Institute is delighted to announce that our Deputy Director, Dr. Juliana Dresvina has received a contract with the prestigious publisher, Bloomsbury, to edit a volume of proceedings from a conference that she ran with TORCH, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, in March: The conference was a great success, exploring an important and wide-ranging topic in gender history and the history of the academy. Congratulations, Julie!

When Bruce Holsinger, a novelist and a professor of English at the University of Virginia, started a series of tweets with the hashtag #ThanksForTyping in 2017, these tweets went viral. The tweets highlighted the perfunctory acknowledgement of wives’ assistance in academic works, and demonstrated that even in the 20th century wives of male academics - who did significant work towards their husbands’ research and publications – rarely got any proper credit and mostly remained anonymous. The movement expanded, with people sharing similar references to different female family members of male authors, academic and not, in different languages. The phenomenon appeared to be universal. The collection aims to uncover these mostly forgotten lives and write them into existence; they also discuss the nature of unpaid academic labour in the light of centuries of gender inequality. We include stories of wives, partners, daughters, mothers, and other women who laboured in the shadows of their famous husbands or male relatives/employers – academics, men of letters, activists – or stood out to have careers of their own that did not receive the attention they merited. The topics discussed at the conference and presented in the collection demonstrate the extremely broad appeal and relevance of the selected theme, reflecting the popularity of the original hashtag.